Saturday, September 26, 2009

Where did summer go?

The light has changed so much. I looked at the sunlight coming into my bedroom today and realized how the direction of the sun has changed now that fall is here. Then I went to Union Square Farmer's Market and everything seemed to whisper "summer is gone...". That is OK. I bought some fresh and delicious Honey Crisp apples and they seemed perfectly content to be extraordinary symbols of the new season here on my kitchen table. And a nice pics from apple picking two weeks ago when I was in Wisconsin.

And I want to introduce some of my new friends. Two interesting ceramic birds (one a chicken I think the other a very sleek looking owl) and a hippo.


  1. Oh. These may be my favourite photos of yours - so far. The bed with the glasses is just the kind of deserted interior that I like most. And I love the bedside and the stool shots too. Greyish light..oh..Thank you and happy weekend.