Thursday, July 30, 2009

A face for the times....

Yesterday in Florida (sorry I have not been posting but I have been traveling/working recently) I photographed a model named Wilfredo. When I was looking at the pics later last night I thought he had a face that seems like a very contemporary face. He maybe could be from India or maybe from the Philippines or maybe from Mexico. It turns out that he is Puerto Rican.

I love seeing faces either on the street or thru work that mystify me and don't immediately let me know their origins.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Goodbye White Apartment...

Well, if you have seen earlier posts I moved from my place on 42nd Street just a few blocks to 34th street. From a white apartment to a gray apartment. Just photographed the white place because we might try to sell or rent. Of course when I see it like this I miss it already. But the truth is that I like my gray one-bedroom which somehow is more calming to me and fits my energy these days.
(besides now I have my office not in my home like at the white apartment but in the photo studio...much better not so see printers and fax machines and filing cabinets and wires and cables when I wake up in the morning).

ps. These photos are for real estate posting so a little clinical....

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tiny summer apples

The location in Georgia had apple trees on their property(I didn't even know apples could grow in Georgia). The stylist took the little fruit on small branches and stuck them in old bottles as a table decoration. It looked so sweet and simple and full of "summer".

Then they brought out the cocktail to shoot which was gin/blackberries/cucumbers/lime. Needless to say it was popular. Maybe too popular since it became the Quickly Disappearing Gin Cocktail...

Monday, July 13, 2009

Country Side Shoot

Down in Georgia shooting an entertaining story for a magazine. Oh, did I mention it was July in Georgia (extreme humidity: check. extreme mosquitoes: check. sizzling temperatures: check. six-foot snakes: check). But I kinda of love it. In NY you experience the elements but only on your way to work or Whole Foods or the to the movies.

Yesterday we just did a little bit of shooting before it RAINED (which apparently drives the six-foot snakes out from under the house which is when I saw one). Today I hope the rain stops and we can continue shooting outside under this very beautiful old tree which really is the perfect setting for a mid-summer afternoon party.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Interior's Book Post #3 (The Find)

As a NYC-based food stylist, Alison Attenborough finds herself at the top of the food-styling chain, no pun intended. She is one of the busiest out there styling for magazines (if you look at Food + Wine you are looking most likely at Alison's craft) and food and lifestyle advertisers.

Alison's artful vision extends beyond her work with food and continues on to the interior of her loft that she shares with Jamie Kimm (hard to believe but Jamie is yet another top food stylist creating beautiful food presentations for magazines and advertising).

Here are some pics I shot for The Find at Alison and Jamie's loft in the Chelsea neighborhood of NYC. The pucci pillows she created from a Pucci frock she spied at a flea market.

And you can't be surprised by their gorgeous thought maybe a hot plate?

Monday, July 6, 2009

July 4th Fireworks

I sometimes forget what an incredible place NYC (or any big city really) is and how fantastic it is to live here. Saturday's fireworks two blocks from my studio and also just two blocks from my apartment made me appreciate NYC anew. Even more spectacular than the colorful explosions were the thousands of people going "oooohhh" and "aaaahhhh" in unison. The top shot is off across the Hudson River from the studio. I could see 5 barges shooting off the fireworks. Then I quickly ran the three blocks to 34th street and my apartment just in time to catch the end and be swallowed up by the thousands and thousands of people heading east toward the subways.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Interiors' Book Post #2 (The Find)

Prop stylist Joe Maer often finds himself spending nearly as much time in airports on his way to styling photo shoots as he does lurking around flea markets in NYC, Chicago, San Francisco, etc. Luckily for us his spot-on sensibility is not dulled by the CNN-TV drone at gate 14 or the all-too-often delayed flights.
Joe styled (and I shot for the book The Find) these pictures in our NYC studio. One shoot was meant to illustrate the idea of a blue and white tea party and the other was supposed to make you feel like you were a guest at a cool cocktail party.

Which one would you like to attend?