Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Interiors' Book Post #2 (The Find)

Prop stylist Joe Maer often finds himself spending nearly as much time in airports on his way to styling photo shoots as he does lurking around flea markets in NYC, Chicago, San Francisco, etc. Luckily for us his spot-on sensibility is not dulled by the CNN-TV drone at gate 14 or the all-too-often delayed flights.
Joe styled (and I shot for the book The Find) these pictures in our NYC studio. One shoot was meant to illustrate the idea of a blue and white tea party and the other was supposed to make you feel like you were a guest at a cool cocktail party.

Which one would you like to attend?


  1. All of them !
    Jim, they are all great pictures with the perfect composition !

  2. they're all wonderful, but i think i'd go with the tea. i love the cobalt blue.