Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Interior's Book Post #3 (The Find)

As a NYC-based food stylist, Alison Attenborough finds herself at the top of the food-styling chain, no pun intended. She is one of the busiest out there styling for magazines (if you look at Food + Wine you are looking most likely at Alison's craft) and food and lifestyle advertisers.

Alison's artful vision extends beyond her work with food and continues on to the interior of her loft that she shares with Jamie Kimm (hard to believe but Jamie is yet another top food stylist creating beautiful food presentations for magazines and advertising).

Here are some pics I shot for The Find at Alison and Jamie's loft in the Chelsea neighborhood of NYC. The pucci pillows she created from a Pucci frock she spied at a flea market.

And you can't be surprised by their gorgeous kitchen....you thought maybe a hot plate?


  1. their gorgeous apartment is captured beautifully in your photos. they're so fresh and vivid. we saw the book in posman books this weekend and it's wonderful. we've donated quite a bit to housing works, but didn't see any of our things in there ;).

  2. Oh my, your photos are great. I am staring at the first on the left. Overall the purple and the green makes me swoon.