Saturday, May 28, 2011

Late spring Saturday in the city...Jim style

Just another random weekend day in the city. Started out early at the Union Square Farmer's
Market which is heading full-tilt into abundance.

The first strawberries are out and looking maybe just a little too proudthe last of the skinny asparagus
buckets of peonies with city-dwellers around the blossoms like some
flower-starved zombies

a crate of pears holding on from last fall hoping someone will want some
quiet autumn browns instead of the riot of bright spring pinks and greens

A quick run up to the brand new rooftop deck area at my apartment building.
Looks like the spot most made for a dusk-time glass of rose...

Over to Brooklyn Botanical Gardens to take in the greens
and more greens...
and look at this crazy oak tree with the LONGEST branches I have ever seen
watch the tall grasses blow back and forth in the breeze
look at the clouds in the sky and the rippled clouds in the reflecting pool
and nearly pass out from the heady fragrance of the roses in the rose garden.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sunny Florida

Here for a few days after a job in Birmingham. Decided to visit my brother and his
wife and his dog and his cat. I almost said children since they seem to consider
the animals family members...

It was hot and sunny. 97 degrees on Sunday. Had a chance to drive to
Cocoa Beach and jump in the ocean. Made me want to get to some
tropical island for a week and just sleep and swim and relax. But back
today to NYC to jump on the bandwagon again.

Here are somepics that for me sum up central Florida (used to live here for college).

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hyacinth colors nearly a rainbow...

Today at the Farmer's Market in Union Square there was a stall selling
these crazy-colored hyacinth flowers. Took them to the studio in the
afternoon and did a few pics. Tried a few different situations in terms
of lighting and composition. Think I like the darker blue background
pic the best.

And I can't understand why there are still hyacinth at the NYC Union
Square Farmer's Market. Seem like they should be way past the
flowering stage. Must be greenhouse grown.

ps. I did a little research on hyacinth (poisonous bulbs and native to
western Iran and Turkmenistan) when I got home. How did
I spend my whole life not knowing the greek mythology for Hyacinth?
He was the beautiful boy lover of Apollo. Hyacinth was out one day
sporting with the god Apollo and was killed by Apollo's discus when
it fell from the sky and hit Hyacinth on the head. Ouch!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What is not on the set can be pretty too.

Today I was shooting for a client and we had just finished a shot of brussel
sprouts and I turned and saw the food stylist's cooking sheet and decided to
take a snap. Sometimes the randomness and lack of design on the prep trays
are very beautiful. The finished dish of course was more composed and included
a fab zinc-topped table and nice flatware and ceramic pieces. But somehow I was
more excited by the bright green sprouts on the old cooking sheet.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Was Corsica a dream?

Even though it was just one month ago my job in Corsica feels like something lingering in my subconsciousness. But in a good way like a nice dream that seems to sit around with you for those first few hours after waking. Here are some of my favorite pics. The client posted my pics up on their website last week so I can now run some here. My little fast journey in Europe makes me want to go back. I think maybe to Amsterdam and Stockholm in June. Being freelance means I can get to choose my own travel schedule. That is unless a job comes in and then that takes priority these days.