Saturday, May 28, 2011

Late spring Saturday in the city...Jim style

Just another random weekend day in the city. Started out early at the Union Square Farmer's
Market which is heading full-tilt into abundance.

The first strawberries are out and looking maybe just a little too proudthe last of the skinny asparagus
buckets of peonies with city-dwellers around the blossoms like some
flower-starved zombies

a crate of pears holding on from last fall hoping someone will want some
quiet autumn browns instead of the riot of bright spring pinks and greens

A quick run up to the brand new rooftop deck area at my apartment building.
Looks like the spot most made for a dusk-time glass of rose...

Over to Brooklyn Botanical Gardens to take in the greens
and more greens...
and look at this crazy oak tree with the LONGEST branches I have ever seen
watch the tall grasses blow back and forth in the breeze
look at the clouds in the sky and the rippled clouds in the reflecting pool
and nearly pass out from the heady fragrance of the roses in the rose garden.


  1. love the crazy branches of that tree the perfect spot for something magical....i had several glasses of rose tonight speaking of rose. Oh yeah the first shot is awesome. Its one of my favorite color combos. You are such a pretty picture taker:)

  2. Jim, this photos are beautiful. I love the strawberries, the oak tree and your view! Lucky guy. We are no where near summery days here in very rainy Vancouver.