Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A few June days in The Netherlands

Just back from a few days in Amsterdam. We became sort of the prop version of big game hunters.

Joe Maer and I thought The Netherlands might have great things for the prop house and I went too for taking pics of Amsterdam and its beautiful stores and markets and chic hotels. I'll be posting over the next day or so but wanted to start with where we stayed those first few days.

The Times Hotel
is an affordable small hotel on the Herengracht canal in central Amsterdam. There is a lovely sitting room on the first floor with huge windows. You can sit and have one (or two or three depending on your jet-lag) delicious cup of coffee (the Dutch LOVE their coffee) and watch the locals bike by. The staff were friendly and efficient and well-informed. The location was not too far from the central station and far enough away from the super-commercial and touristic part otherwise known as The Land of A Thousand Stoned Teenagers.


  1. Jet lag is so fantastic. The Land of A Thousand Stoned Teenagers sounds like a horror film.You got pictures of that right? and right before they ate your left arm off.The picture of the canal looks like a painting. My favorite is the bicycle shadow.

  2. Nope. No left arm-eatin'. The cannabis-zombies seemed more interested in pizza and fries.

    Now I have reverse jet-lag. Today at 4am it was as if someone dropped a hammer on my sleeping head and I was just suddenly and absolutely completely awake.

  3. amsterdam is such a beautiful city! and i think the dutch are really nice people. that is a big plus! nice pics too btw.
    i went there last summer. unfortunately i didn't do too much sightseeing cause everything got a little bit hazy and i spent most of the time in my hotel room having the munchies!

  4. Luuworld:

    I can only imagine what it would be like to wander the streets of Amsterdam stoned. I think it would be a death-wish since the cyclists in Amsterdam mean business and must be taken very seriously!

    The stores that fascinated me--coffee shop wise--were the seed sellers. I loved the look of the little tiny plastic bags filled with seeds. So 2011 DIY!