Thursday, June 16, 2011

Property of...

Amsterdam has handsome tiny little streets and hidden amongst the twists and curves of the canals are creative retails shops giving London and New York and Tokyo some first class competition.

Property of...™ is a store at Herenstraat 2 that sells superb bags and wallets and accessories. The typical customer might be a Monocle or Wallpaper reader but one less concerned if his shirt is a bit wrinkled or his shoe scuffed. The team out of Singapore designed a shop that makes you want to pull up one of their bentwood chairs and have a cup of coffee...and you can here. (Currently they are serving an organic espresso called Gayo Amaro from Ethiopia produced by that country's only female coffee farmer)

I made it out of the store without buying a handsome, waxed-cotton grey bag with a zipper on top (The Tommy) which would be ideal for popping up in the overhead storage on a plane. I might just have to order it online.

If you stop in you might meet Melvin (the store manager)
or Hendrik (marketing). These two are the sort of stylish, smart
and helpful guys we should all have as next door neighbors or friends.


  1. love The Tommy bag, it looks timeless.

  2. love those light bulbs and the bags are pretty nice too....why didnt you buy one?