Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hyacinth colors nearly a rainbow...

Today at the Farmer's Market in Union Square there was a stall selling
these crazy-colored hyacinth flowers. Took them to the studio in the
afternoon and did a few pics. Tried a few different situations in terms
of lighting and composition. Think I like the darker blue background
pic the best.

And I can't understand why there are still hyacinth at the NYC Union
Square Farmer's Market. Seem like they should be way past the
flowering stage. Must be greenhouse grown.

ps. I did a little research on hyacinth (poisonous bulbs and native to
western Iran and Turkmenistan) when I got home. How did
I spend my whole life not knowing the greek mythology for Hyacinth?
He was the beautiful boy lover of Apollo. Hyacinth was out one day
sporting with the god Apollo and was killed by Apollo's discus when
it fell from the sky and hit Hyacinth on the head. Ouch!


  1. I love that first one too.Perhaps greenhouse grown but its the very tail end of there season....perhaps you are just lucky(of course you are) and those are the last of them.

  2. poor hyacinth! I hate it when beautiful boys have to die.I totally forgot about that story until you mentioned it.

  3. I know. What a drag to be a god's significant other one minute and suddenly lights-out the next.

    Maybe I knew about this myth but it felt like new info to me. I think I would have remembered the death-by-discus thing and the older god running-around-the-heavens with a younger mortal story.

  4. those flowers are beautiful.

  5. Thanks for the lesson! Your images are incredibly stunning, as always. Ah, Union Square...I hope to visit it again soon!

  6. nice flowers, but most of all- thanks for sharing the story of hyacinth! fascinating! oh the ancient greeks and their boy lovers! i will have to look up more stuff on hyacinth!