Monday, July 13, 2009

Country Side Shoot

Down in Georgia shooting an entertaining story for a magazine. Oh, did I mention it was July in Georgia (extreme humidity: check. extreme mosquitoes: check. sizzling temperatures: check. six-foot snakes: check). But I kinda of love it. In NY you experience the elements but only on your way to work or Whole Foods or the to the movies.

Yesterday we just did a little bit of shooting before it RAINED (which apparently drives the six-foot snakes out from under the house which is when I saw one). Today I hope the rain stops and we can continue shooting outside under this very beautiful old tree which really is the perfect setting for a mid-summer afternoon party.


  1. oh summer in the south. i'm originally from the south, all over but raised in atlanta. we just got back from a family trip to the panhandle of florida (my italian hubs first time... he nearly melted). it was hot, humid, sticky, all fairly unattractive traits, but somehow down south they just work. where did you shoot? looks so so pretty.

  2. We shot in Cartersville, GA. Maybe 45 minutes northwest of Atlanta up route 75 past miles and miles of kudzu vine-covered landscape.

    I have been in Italy during heat waves and somehow it is such a different "hot" than southeastern US "hot". I went to school in central florida and the hot there jabbed at your shoulders when you left the AC. In Italy the heat seems to more tug at your sleeve than knock you in the head.

    The second day was much less humid and no rain. But the sun came out so taking pics of the "guests" seated around the outdoor table became a non-event. Everyone was pretty shiny and wet-haired after just a few minutes (and besides, they were pretty keen to try the cocktails that were made for the shoot!)

    Looks like I will be visiting some family down in florida in two weeks so Georgia was like a little practice session.