Monday, November 9, 2009

Enough with the surfaces....

Yes. The surface saga continues. Still a little OCD about
sanding/painting/waxing pieces of wood for the prop house business.
Today I got to use a surface I refinished for a job. I had to shoot some
bread for a client and used a board I reworked to look old. Perfect
for floury and crusty bread.

And here are some new pieces...

Oh, yes. I am still very boring and being compeletly anti-social because I am spending
so much time in the studio. OK, the week before last I had a job in Miami for 5 days so that
required me to be more happy-smiley but my head was thinking about painting---soon
I am going to begin painting "paintings" I think once I get these surfaces out of the way.

Tonight a friend called and asked "Where have you been!". I told her I am like Big Foot.
Rumor has it I exist but the sightings are rare and unreliable....

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  1. There are few things I respect more than obsessing(is that a negative/positive word in english?). It's so interesting and fascinating when people commit to something. I love the red and green combos.