Thursday, June 3, 2010

One-handed photography....

Well, I took a little foray out into the real world by myself and with my Canon and a lens and no tripod. It is the first pic taking since I broke my wrist may 23 (had to have surgery may 27). Very frustrating when i am used to just carrying a zillion things on both arms. Today was just my one arm and my injured hand is just now able to focus. Can't hold anything with the left hand yet but next week I go back to the surgeon's office and get the stitches out and a brace which I can take off. But all looks good and should be out the taking pics within two weeks.

Anyway, the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens were empty this early June thursday. The roses, much to my chagrin, were already past their best. Must have been the rain and the warm early spring. Still some look very pretty and they were happy to have the attention paid to them. The bonzai house was completely empty and feeling like another world. That might be because I am reading Lafcadio Hearn's"Glimpses of Unfamiliar Japan" which was published in 1894. Reading this book is a joy, mainly due to Hearn's palpable thrill at being in Japan and seeing absolutely everthing fresh. That is how the bonzai house felt to me today. So quiet and empty and yet not sad. The old, tiny trees seemed proud and content.