Sunday, November 28, 2010

Flea Market Weekend...

A few good things from the flea markets this weekend. A gorgeous, curvy gray-green vase (there are marks on the bottom but have yet to figure out what they say...pretty sure it does not say Ikea!). The finish on the vase is an incredible mat. A cute brass rabbit from Japan. A solid brass leaf from 1960s. Round ceramic ball...have no idea about this one. This could be from Ikea! A beautiful crystral with just the smallest, littlest imperfection on the tip. Found a lithograph of an apple that I just had to get. I took pics last weekend of apples and this print seemed ready for center stage. The notation says: "Walbridge. (Edgar Red Streak). Highly esteemed in cold sections for its hardiness and productivenes; quality good: in season from January to May." I have never heard of this apple before but now I wonder if this type even exists anymore. Here also a pic I took last weekend of apples bought at the Union Square Farmer's Market.

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  1. very nice...of course you are a professional! the photo i cant get over is from a previous post...the photo of the girls head and hair from acapulco is amazing!