Thursday, December 31, 2009

Rainy and snowy day perfect for studio work

Well, today is New Year's Eve...for some of you it is already 2010. Happy New Year to everyone and only good things for the coming year.

In NYC it was wet and snowy and gray. A very good time to just stay in the studio and make some pictures. I am working on a food photography promo and since the studio was empty I took advantage and did some new pics. I even ended up doing a bit of food styling. The rice pilaf is from the new Gordon Ramsey book titled Cooking for Friends. It was delicious. Just needed some salt. The pumpkins I had sitting around the studio from a shoot in October so their expiration date was fast approaching. The mushrooms we bought today at Whole Foods. I could not tell if the shoppers were excited or frantic or a combination of both. Everyone will be able to relax once the holidays are past and winter settles in for the season.

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  1. the image with the pumpkins and the one with the grapes are both so beautiful ! can be framed and put up in the living room !