Sunday, December 13, 2009

Winter blues (and greens...)

Here are two pics from this week that seem to spell "winter" to me. The first was part of a food shoot for a client. We did a series of cheese pics. One of the shots had so many cheeses...15 varieties for a horizontal spread. But I liked this one little cheese all by itself the best. The light looks very winter to me (winter provided by Profoto strobes because the light left us at 3:30PM).

Then, yesterday morning at the frigid Union Square Farmer's Market I passed this stall selling organic dyed merino wool yarn. Catskill Merino sells both these yarns dyed with a subtle touch and lamb meat. Yesterday afternoon I ran to the studio and went thru the prop house to assemble a little still-life. This is real winter light provided my Mother Nature at 3:15PM on Saturday December 12th---winter doesn't truly arrive in the northern hemisphere until 12:47PM (EST) on Monday December 21st.


  1. I love those photos! The colors are so moody.

  2. As always...these are lovely pics. I agree...winter and blue seem so in tune. I like that despite the "blues", you have a spot of yellow for the sunshine. I hope this means there is some light in your life.

    I have started a new blog to replace three old ones. I hope you stop by.

    It's called: if art raw... at