Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fancy Japanese Magazine

This Japanese lifestyle magazine, Kateigaho, comes from my friend Jin. Kateigaho is maybe a little fussy in the design and photography but for the visitor to Japan it seems to have a bunch of great info. This issue seems to be about "pink" but only because the issue's theme is cherry blossom. Very comprehensive and interesting (how about a map to all the prime cherry blossom viewing sites in Japan?). I want to go to Japan and meet Isao Shirai a farmer in Yokohama who
breeds new cherry tree varieties.


  1. I love Japanese design magazines. There's a great bookstore in Japan town here in San Francisco and I like to go sometimes and just flip through the books.

  2. the strawberry cake looks so yum!
    i feel i want to eat strawberry cake now ^^
    i like all about japan...