Sunday, May 24, 2009

My new apartment

Moving this week....let's hope. Had a few setbacks. The painters were not so detail-oriented so it was an extra week. Then we had a floor-finishing fiasco (still too tender to talk about what happened!). But now just need to clean the walls of floor dust and get moved in.

Just have two things so far in the place. A plant and a stool. I'm going to go from an all-white place to an all-gray place. Just can't get the color thing happening. Once I am moved in I'll get some pics of the old place and the new place for comparison.

I'm downsizing. Moving my office out of my apartment and into the studio. The new place is just three blocks from the studio. And, all you photographers will understand one more thing I'm excited about....just three blocks from B&H Photo. My view from the kitchen to the north is of Dyer Avenue going to the Lincoln Tunnel. My view from living room to the south--if I had a 10ft neck--would be of the Empire State Building.


  1. Looking forward to seeing more pictures. I like the one stool and one plant, and what a great view. I wish we had a view. Then again, I see 3 fruit trees--fig, apple and cherry.

  2. Here I am, in a Stockholm suburb, and get to see this NYC living/moving. It's so amazing. I love that photo with the plant and the stool. So full of promises. All-grey sounds great to me. My walls are chalk white and that makes me happy.
    Have a happy weekend.