Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Grey Gardens Interior

This pic was from a New York Times piece on Grey Gardens as it is today and as it was when Sally Quinn and Ben Bradlee purchased the property in 1979 from Edith Bouvier Beale.

The documentary by the Maysles brothers' everyone knows. But the interiors are both sad and majestic and a marvel when you realize these two women--Big Edie and Little Edie were penniless and struggling with probably varying degrees of mental illness.

The bedroom with the wallpaper kimono is so elegant to me and so balanced. I want my new bedroom to look like this and I NEVER want my new bedroom to look like this.

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  1. I wish I could express myself better in english but I totally know the feeling. I love it but I could never live it. But it's a great quality though, don't you think? To appreciate beauty. I love the melancholy in this interior.