Sunday, August 2, 2009

Farmer's Market Union Square NYC

Being habitual I again went saturday morning to the Union Square Farmer's Market. It is just about near the zenith of summer produce. Maybe one more week or two and then the produce just pours in from the local farms.

Everything I bought of course was local:the peaches, the blueberries, the purple basil and the mozzarella cheese. I am such a lazy eater that I hardly ever cook but I did manage to boil some water and make myself a delicious warm pasta with the basil, tomatoes and cheese.

Gotta get more friendly with my kitchen...


  1. Yum...I love the farmers market...pretty photos(of course) and what a pretty family from the post before!

  2. I pretty much bought the exact same things this week, but local Ontario! Nothing beats in-season produce!

  3. I made similar purchases last weekend! I love that you can get such fresh and beautiful produce right in the middle of such a busy city. I just posted pics to - but not quite as pretty :) What beautiful shots!