Saturday, August 29, 2009

Some new friends...

Well now in my bedroom there is a ceiling lamp. At first I was resistant because I liked how open it felt without something hanging over the bed. But being able to turn on a light with a switch at night feels all sorts of modern. Getting used to what at first felt like an alien space craft hovering over me when I woke up. Of course the design is beautiful to me. Just enough happening so that it is not too plain but not so much that it feels like it demands constant attention. And my kitchen table now has a very nice little "bonsai" maple tree plant. I put bonsai in quotes because I bought it on Canal Street in chinatown from a man selling them off a folding table and I have no idea if this plant will last. But for now I like having it here in the morning to greet me.


  1. The lamp is beautiful. I've considered a similar one for our bedroom. I hesitate because of the ceiling height, it's rather low. The "bonsai" and those black vases look stunning (i love black ceramics). Hope the maple tree lasts.

  2. i like the shape of the lamp! and i have a thing for simple, white lampshades like that.
    how is the "bonsai" doing? still alive? i like plants, but i tend to kill them. (unfortunately).
    my friend just gave me some tomato plants wonder how long they will live..