Friday, March 18, 2011

More flea market / antique store finds

Here are some of the new finds from the last 6 days. A mix of things from the 25th street flea market and then a few little gems I found today while out in New Jersey visiting my mother.

I bought a few things last sunday from a man named Bob at the 25th street flea market and after talking a bit found out he had a store in Bogota, NJ. Well, I grew up right next to Bogota and was curious to see his place. His store, 30 West, had a few interesting pieces but nothing that seemed like a good match for the prop house. But on the block were other stores and I found a Blenko amber-colored glass vase and
super colorful turquoise drinking glasses along with a soft powder blue sherbet glass. Ran back to the new studio and took a few quick shots. Hope to do a test with some of them maybe this weekend.

1 comment:

  1. the turquoise glass is beautiful especially since its my favorite color.....but the top photo is dreamy.....i imagine that bottle in that scene to have housed some magical concoction that smells like violets....William Blenko has been my hero for a very long time as he has an amazing story of determination.