Monday, March 28, 2011

White-ish shoot

Today in the new studio. I have a meeting tomorrow for a commercial job and today
the art buyer wrote in an email to Michael, our studio manager, "have Jim
bring a still life portfolio and if he has "white" pics that would be great. I do have
"white" images in my books but I thought I would pull together a few more today.
So at 3pm I called Michael and asked him to get some props together.
He did a great job and in such a short time. We collected the props and ran
up to 37th street and in the space of maybe 1 1/2 hours or so did a bunch of pics.
Here are my favorites. Now I just have to process them hires
and then print out tomorrow for my 5:30pm meeting.

And ironically I am in this great new daylight studio and today I ended up setting
up the strobe to shoot these pics. The light was gone by the time I was ready
to begin...


  1. they turned out favorite is the chrysanthemum i just love the yellowish green spaces inbetween all the petals and the blurry edges and im torn between the horns(or is that a piece of wood?) and the starfish for number two....

  2. Of your course your favorite is the chrysanthemum!
    Mine too. I went to the flower market early yesterday and bought them and some crazy yellow-peach full roses and parrot tulips. I hope to shoot them tomorrow on Wednesday since
    today I am printing.

    For me the second favorite is the pic of the ironstone pitchers. I like how random it feels
    in terms of placement. Pretty sure the client I am meeting with today will like the starfish and the flower. They are a hotel chain and I think are aiming toward that sensual touchy-feeling identity.

  3. hey i love your blog! all that inspiration. i'm at work now, and should be working. have to check out more when i get home. lol