Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday Flea Market stroll...

Quick run to the 25th Street Flea Market. Found two things. One is a woodblock color print
by a Japanese artist named Benji Asada--dating I believe from the 1940s since I read he turned to painting after WWII. I can't believe I found something so subtle and beautiful. When I was looking at it I thought "why didn't anyone else buy this print?"

And another 20th century find...this time from 1969. Linen silk-screened fabric by someone named B.H. Rittenhoff. I did a search for info and found none. I might just have to shoot my new turquoise glasses on this piece of linen.


  1. a very cool funny im in the middle of sketching that same type of variety of mum for a linocut....

  2. I love mums. New York Botanical Gardens each fall has a Kiku Festival. They display crazy varieties of chrysanthemums. Small, medium, large and huge. The single-flower-on-the-end of-a-long-stalk are my favorites. I was in Japan a decade ago in the fall and I still have vivid memories of being in Nikko and stumbling upon
    a Kiku festival and suddenly I was faced with 6 ft tall single-stalk plants all wearing various ribbons from a judging contest. It was so beautiful and precise and other-worldly for a man from New Jersey used to mums in a bucket on the stoop.

    Now when I think of Japan I can only feel sadness. My friends there are fine but the country has been hurt.

  3. yes i have seen pictures of the one at the ny botanical lucky to stumble upon the kiku festival in japan no less....yes it does hurt especially knowing their history with all things would think that would not be an option for energy due to it potential for danger....japan is my next vacation destination when i finally have the money and time....mums in a bucket....hehehe thats my childhood memory of them as well!