Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday at the flea

Today was a busy one at the flea markets. You could sense that the dealers were feeling

relief over the nice weather. Nothing like a sunny sunday early spring day to bring out the
crowds looking for that elusive thing-a-ma-jig. I found a few myself today. Then to the studio
to do a few quick pics.

A great stool. Absolutely perfect for the new studio since I needed one for picture-taking. It is very solid and the seat is sorta big and also could double as a little extra surface if needed. A few asiatic bowls. One I was told was from Japan...then a Japanese friend later looked at it and said "it is chinese". The funny thing is the man who told me it was from Japan was Chinese. A Dansk coffee cup and saucer. Nice mother-of-pearl knives. Linen-covered book. Weird little denim-ish blue vase. Teeny-tiny blue ceramic bowl with handle. Brass box. The list goes on and on. Shot a little sherbet
with a few blueberries just to for fun.

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  1. i wrote a comment earlier and magically didnt post it....but i covet those knives and that turquoisey green chinese must be a boat load of fun at your jealous you know....