Monday, June 1, 2009

First night in new place

I am spending the first night in the new apartment. It is not ready yet and I am not really moved in yet but just had to get a start and organize my bed and a small kitchen table and chairs (and flowers of course). The bed is supposed to be on a DWR frame but they sent 3 pieces for a full sized mattress and the rest for a queen size mattress, so it is back to Secaucus, New Jersey to figure this out at the outlet.

So for now the mattress is on the floor and that is cool since I lived the last 6 years with a mattress on the floor.

Still have to move my stuff here probably Tuesday or Wednesday but will edit down what I bring so I can keep the new place uncluttered.

Wasn't sure at first how I felt about the entire apartment being gray but I am happy with it now. I used four variations of a cool gray and the darkest is the bedroom and let's see if the darker room makes me oversleep!


  1. I love these photos! The apartment looks done already... Actually, Would you mind if I blogged these?? With credits and a link back, of course. Let me know what you think!

  2. Beautiful pics, on all your posts, including your new digs. Grey is a great alternative neutral. I agree, it already looks done. I love how you kept it simple, then adding even one electric bloom makes the room pop. Thanks for commenting on my blog, glad to have found yours!

  3. Nice photos :)
    Thanks for your comment on my Design shimmer, Se you soon...

  4. I missed the part about your blog! I went straight to your website, which is why I emailed you instead of commenting!

    I'm already a fan, so I'll be "following" you...not in a stalking kind of way ; )

    Your place looks great, but I know there's a difference between aesthetically beautiful and livable. Personally, I can't live without my books and my shoes!

    Have a great day!

  5. The hard and exciting thing about grey is how the color so easily change depending on light and the things you keep in the room. Anyway, your new place looks great!

  6. what color of grey did you use in the bedroom? it's perfect! such a lovely space.

  7. love everything about the apartment, gray walls and flowers. beautiful vases, too!

  8. beautiful pictures! those cool grey walls are absolutely perfect.