Saturday, June 6, 2009

Union Square Farmer's Market, NYC

Just about every saturday I head down to the Union Square Farmer's Market on 14th Street in New York City. Usually I meet up with my friend Jin who is a macrobiotic chef. I watch him do his careful shopping choosing the best organic vegetables and eggs and breads,etc.

I'm there for the atmosphere and the Cafe Mocha at the end of shopping, courtesy of Whole Foods. ( I hope to cook more in my new apartment...but I just finished takeout thai from Prem-On and it was fast and delicious).

Right now the Farmer's Market is gearing up for the time of year when it explodes with fresh food. Today I bought some delicious local strawberries (normal size not the gargantuan california ones with not so much taste) and a few apples--from last season of course. One apple, a Mutsu, also know as a Crispin, was about as big as a softball. The others were tiny and probably what nature intended.

There were very beautiful but not very cheap lilies from Jacksflowers. I don't know the variety but they are fragrant and yellow-ish with a dark pink center. I think they look right at home in my place.

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