Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Things I am finding out about the new place

A) The view during the day is much less romantic than at night but still interesting. B) My apartment (1) would have a nice view of The Empire State Building (2) if my window faced east. But B&H Photo and Video (3) is dangerously close. C) A downstairs' neighbor has a nice little terrace. D) Across the way is a very simple but lush private garden with a japanese maple and two blossoming Rhododenren. E) My gray apartment (with black-painted doors) seems right at home in the neighborhood since most everything out my window is gray and white and black.


  1. crazy everything you can see from your window in a city like new york?! i live in rome, totally different but still a bustling city. love your photos... and digging the black door in a big way. How's it going sleeping in the dark gray?

  2. That black-painted door look so thin, or long kind of. I like your views!

  3. HI JIM
    Love your pics. How do you put two pictures next to each other on the blog? Do you do it in photoshop?