Monday, June 15, 2009


Well, I need a sofa. I have/had a white one and it is feeling just a little too long for this smaller place(42nd Street was a loft-ish floor plan) and just too white. Saw this one from Thayer Coggin and like it. I have to see how much this sofa will cost and also what color fabrics are offered. The wrap-around wood is a nice touch and adds a bit of warmth to the design. Maybe not the most design-forward thing in the world but looks comfortable and bridges the gap between minimal and sit-able.

And has that "honey-I-made-you-a-sofa-in-my-basement-wood-workshop" piece of furniture that your grandmother would not allow in her living room.

UPDATE: Well, I found the sofa at a place called RICO in Brooklyn. It seems that the sofa is something like $4800 so it this won't be sitting pretty in my apartment. I like it enough but that sort of cash seems out of proportion to this sort of sofa.

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