Wednesday, June 10, 2009

You want what you can't have

These last few days I have yearned for shooting film. Right before I began to shoot digitally I was way into 4X5 viewcameras. I would even drag them across the globe for travel jobs. There is something very satisfying about the process of using polaroids and film. Not easy, of course, but it is a very forgiving medium and can produce images not possible with digital, even with tons of photoshop.

So today I went to B&H and bought some 4X5 polaroid, well, Fuji instant film since Polaroid is out of business. Of course about two hours into my romantic "polaroid" moment I ended up switching to digital because I wanted to capture some images and didn't want to wait for the film to be processed, printed, scanned, etc.

Here are 4 polaroid images and two (knife/flower) digitally captured with a Phase One P45 back.
( is a great site with tons of polaroid imagery and they are trying to bring back polaroid-type instant film).


  1. I learned to take photographs in high school with a 35 mm, but I wish we learned with 4x5 viewcameras. Though we did experiment with a peep hole camera, totally cool!

    No matter what you choose as your equipment, your photographs are always fantastic. I guess that's the true badge of an artist, its not the equipment they use, it's the vision they inspire. I'm just humbled to be able to see it!

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. i am just starting to learn more about photography... recently got a holga and i'm excited to try it out. however, i definitely came of age in the digital era so i am a little nervous about using real film. sad but true! love your shots.

    thank you for the paint info... quietude doesn't even sound like it should be a real word.

  3. "Quietude" sounds like something a parent would warn their kids not to have...."don't sit there and give me your quietude"....but you have to feel for the people whose job it is naming paint colors.