Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An afternoon at New York Botanical Garden

When you are freelance, like I have been for the last 11 years,
the concept of sneaking away from your job on a day off will
lose its meaning. But every once in awhile the feeling comes
back. For some reason going to a garden during the week
gives me the sense that I shouldn't be there enjoying myself
quite so much (which of course makes me enjoy my time there
so much more). I think it has to do with who else is there at
that time. Lots of school kid groups. Lots of gardeners working.
The occasional Buddhist monk, retirees enjoying the garden
and each other.

Yesterday I zipped up (literally in a Zipcar) to the
New York Botanical Garden. Earlier this week I was out in
New Jersey visiting my mother and it seemed every other
tree was exploding with blossoms. I did not have
my camera with me. When I got back to the city I became
almost desperate wanting to get out and shoot flowering trees.
Things, blossom-wise, can change so quickly this time of year.
Just one strong thunderstorm and VOILA, no blossoms.

Anyway, here are some pics from my garden time
yesterday in D'Bronx.

ps. Do you think the woman in the next to last
shot KNEW she was going to sit under pink
cherry blossoms when she chose her cherry-blossom
pink shirt that morning?


  1. I actually think I might have seen you out there at the same time I was taking pictures for my post on the NYBG blog: I had the very same thought about the woman in the fabulous daffodil yellow shirt in my last photo. Beautiful shots. Thanks for coming to visit and for spreading the NYBG love.
    Ann Rafalko
    Director of Online Content

  2. She probably didnt but how fortuitous for your lens. What a beautiful day.

  3. I love that she has a pink shirt on. Love all your park pics, and I know exactly what you mean about wandering around a park, when most people are working. I'm a long time freelancer too ;)
    Second image is my fave of this beautiful bunch.

  4. j'adore ! they're all so beautiful ! you're lucky to get an escapade of this sorts, a treat for the eyes.