Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The simple new studio

Here are some pics of the new photo studio. We are trying very, very hard
to keep
it so simple here. I took these photos before we opened up for
business so of course
even now there are more things in the studio.
Some grip (stands, sandbags, apple boxes, etc)
and a few rolling carts.
But I want it to be a clean slate for me and for anyone who rents

the space for shooting.

I love so much the concrete floors. And of course the light is so nice
for my job. I have
gotten into the habit of using strobe to re-create
natural light and now I am back in
love with using natural light.

And my office is upstairs and my assistant's space and a room for
me to shoot in if someone
has booked the downstairs

You can tell that I am maybe a little bit obsessed about open,
simple spaces...like my apartment. But
my apartment is simple
and open and gray. This place is so white.

ps. The white chairs (Norvald) and white tables (Melltorp) are from
Ikea of course. The Jean
Prouve inspired chairs are from
White On White furniture in NYC. The stainless steel tables

are from Chinatown, NYC.


  1. I LOVE it!!! Please, keep it that simple forever :)

  2. your blog is amazing dear
    xoxo wonderfashionista

  3. love the new space! congrats.

  4. wow you sure know how to inspire coveteousness in a person....is that even a word? It reminds me of your old apartment or were those pictures of here from before....either way the studio looks great....hey shouldnt there be some chrysanthemums in this space though?