Thursday, April 7, 2011

Took off in this / landed in that

Yesterday at 6pm I flew out of gray/rainy JFK and today
landed in Nice, France and than a short flight to Corsica.
Here in Bastia for a shoot. It is extraordinary here. The most
mountainous island in the Mediterranean. The culture is an
interesting mix of I love France/I Hate France. In a way
a super-sized version of the townies vs. the summer people you will find
at summer resorts through out the US.

The magazine had a small budget on this one so for
the first time I am negotiating a foreign
travel job by myself. And no. I do not speak french.

Right now hoping I fall asleep early since I am weirdly
dog-tired but somehow not in the mood to get to bed
it being 4:30pm NYC time and 10:30 Corsica time.
I have alot to get done tomorrow and want to be
up-and-at-em in the morning.


  1. Hope your negotiations went or are going well.Speaking no french is probably way better than the most horrendous french i do(i should be embarrassed but really im not) Corsica looks like heaven.I am always thrown off with travel time and it often brings strange dream...hope yours are pleasant!

  2. lucky you! the blue sky looks wonderful. oslo is still quite cold. would love to be in your shoes now. and haha, i have the same thing about france. i love/hate it. (

    ever since i went there when i was 16, and asked at the information counter at the airport if the spoke english- and the two ladies there looked at each other, then at me and shook their heads.of course, i don't expect everyone to speak english, but this was at the airport information counter, and they were quite arrogant about it. arggghhh. just writing about it makes me pissed off! )