Friday, April 15, 2011

Nice is, well, nice.

Back from Corsica and France. Will get some Corsica images up after the client
get them up on their site.

Did stop for one night in Nice. I have been before and there is something so
interesting about the city. Reminds me of Hawaii. The Beach and the sea
are big draws for both tourists and locals. I have never been here at the height
of summer season but beach must be slammed with people. Already in
not-so-warm temps there were people trying to get themselves into the water.

You can tell that jet-lag has sucked away my clever juice....maybe I can
reboot after a good nights sleep.


  1. wow, it looks so serene. and i hope you were able to get some good rest.

  2. hawaii huh? never been there but been to nice and had some french men say dirty things to me while offering to buy me an ice cream...anyway the photos do look very relaxed.I really like the one with the sunbather.I like all the textures going on in it and the shadows.Hope your clever juice is at full capacity now!

  3. Now that I think of it I bet parts of being in heaven include ice cream and french men saying dirty things!

  4. Ps. Hawaii 'cause the beach is so much
    a part of the lifestyle. Seemed that way in Nice.
    Other than that very little in common...nary a pineapple to be found along Promenade des Anglais.

  5. Nice and Corsica, a good start to spring I'd say! Thanks for popping over, glad to have seen your pics.
    My French Country Home