Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring flowers in the studio

Did a test with these spring flowers from the 28th street flower market.
I have bought some new lights (continuous lighting --Lite Panels and
an Arri instead of the strobe--Profoto). Of course, ironically, I try to get
the lighting to look like daylight. This is helpful when on set and the client
needs time to tweak things and I have to send out jpgs and wait back for approval.
That way we can just go right back to the image and not worry about the
sun shifting position or clouds or nightfall!

The narcissus had the most intense fragrance. Two days later our studio
manager basically said "it is either me or the flowers!" because the fragrance
just became too much.


  1. I know about the narcissus power-scent... It can be deadly. Great shots of the flowers! Makes me want to bring flowers into my apartment too..
    - J

  2. i want those pink hyacinth.....cant decide which muscari picture i like better....the first one is so vibrant but the second one looks so gorgeous and a little muted vintage ....the paperwhites against the navy backround are so beautiful i want to eat them....it must of been pretty intense in there. actually i put some arrangements together for a party i did with yves piaget roses and fragrant maroon oriental lilies and it was so intense it actually started to smell like pepperoni to me....kind of gross huh? at least they looked beautiful.i love these pictures though. what a way to spend a day. you know im still dreaming about the photo with sepia blenko bottle.

  3. Funny how weird scent can be and how it works in one place and not in another. When I was walking around on my one afternoon in Nice last week I stopped in a perfume store, Molinard. I bought their Patchouli fragrance. That afternoon in southern France it smelled to me so perfect and sophisticated(and more than a little feminine).

    I bought it.

    Well, in my apartment it somehow smells like
    a grand, blue-haired lady. Oooh la la. I have to temper it with something stronger like patchouli or vetiver. Oh well. The bottle is
    very preeety.

  4. Beautiful lighting Jim. I love the grape hyacinth shot where they're all lined up.

  5. great shots of beautiful plants- i really love the light in the photos!