Thursday, April 21, 2011

what happened to my neat studio?

Shooting today and tomorrow in the new studio. Ironically I am
using lights because some of the pics need to look like we
are outside and to do that in a studio you have to use lights
(the light has to look like it comes from overhead not from
the side like it would from a window). Everything went well
today but the studio fills up very quickly.

I like the prop stylist, Helen Crowther (she is putting
together her new website and I will post it once I get the address).
Helen is organized and has a great eye and fun and does
not get too wrapped up in "I'm the stylist on set" sort of thinking.

Here are just a few random shots of the prop tables with
some of the props set up.

What once was a nice vaguely OCD studio now looks very lived in.


  1. your minimalist and neat studio is a great blank canvas for all the different props, concepts and people that will go through it.

  2. You should be a psychotherapist, thwany. Or a real estate agent ("needs some TLC"...) But you are a writer, correct? So that analysis of a studio's purpose makes sense.

  3. funny thats what I think about my home now that I have a husband and children. I love the overhead shot of the spoons.