Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Vermeer and Caravaggio

Sunday in the city was gorgeous. The first weekend where spring was here without reservation.
I went for a roller-blade along the Hudson and I thought the clouds looked like clouds I
remembered from a Vermeer painting. Well, when I got back home that led to me looking
up other artists and I found this still-life by Caravaggio I don't remember seeing. It is an
amazing still-life of a fruit basket. In a way a tour-de-force. Somehow almost second-hand
but to me mesmerizing and evidence of intense compositional skill and painting talent.

Everything now is so immediate with digital work that it is almost beyond comprehension
the time and planning and ability it takes to make paintings.

Here is the lovely Vermeer landscape, View of Delft and Caravaggio's Canestra di frutta.


  1. The caravaggio is gorgeous.I love how the leaves are in various stages of decay. My favorite is salome with the head of john the baptist but then how could i not love a women who danced the dance of the seven veils.I am always awed by those who paint.Glad you had a beautiful spring sunday.