Saturday, April 16, 2011

My very pink saturday morning

On my walk across west 37th street between 9th avenue
and 7th avenue there was a pink-ish "wolf" seat cover,
pink leaves in a planter, pink graffiti, a pink vest and
crazy pink fabric. Then the Union Square Farmer's Market
had flowers that nearly assaulted you with their springy pinkness.

Maybe the color gods decided NYC needed a little help today
on this gray, cold spring morning.


  1. iiiiisssnnntt HEEEE pretty in pink....that mannequin scared the sh*t out of me! wow those pink wolf seat covers were something else too....although i wouldnt mind having a pink wolf....a pppink day indeed....the pink graffiti on the brown wall is so...well beautiful and curvy. i think that was my favorite.why cant all graffiti look like that? i guess pink was the theme of the weekend too...sat was a pink hello kitty birthday party for sophie's friend and i forgot my camera otherwise we would have had a pink off but im sure you would have won since you are the professional. You know im a sucker for flowers and they sure are lovely. oh hey i say what time is is there. it was very interesting and i loved the ending!

  2. If you look closely you see the mannequin is dressed in his "daytime" look. To go from day to evening he just clips on his matching neon-pink bow tie or for just a bit more panache the longer
    neon-pink necktie...

    And now I want to see WTIIT once more...time.

  3. That wolf seat cover is pretty spectacular, made even more so by being pink! I love your pink pics.the mannequin may make an appearance in my nightmare tonight though.